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North London Prabhati Sangha (NLPS) is a charity and has gained charity status with the Charity Commission in May 2012.

The organisation was established over 20 years ago, in 1991, and since its inception NLPS has celebrated over 80 Hindu pujas in that period. It has also organised numerous events and activities for its members and community including seaside trips, sports days, mother tongue and music classes.

NLPS is entirely funded by its members and supporters and to date has not sought any sponsorship or statutory funding. However, going forward and in order to widen our activities and integrate the wider community NLPS has set out a strategy and vision to attract funders and donors. We shall increase our membership and appeal to businesses and statutory bodies for their support to our cause.

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


To consolidate our aims and activities, and start classes to promote learning of Bengali language, classical and semi-classical Indian music, Dance e.g. Kathak/Bharatnatyum and Drama which already features in all our festivals in significance. Other proposed activities, such as Maths classes, Religious studies, youth activities etc will be exercised in the very near future.

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